Together, we can change everything.

Addiction is a global epidemic. It destroys families. It weakens nations. It takes lives.

Did you know?

370 million people abuse drugs worldwide

2.5 million people die from their addiction each year

22 million Americans need treatment for drug and alcohol addiction but only 9% are getting the help they need

It doesn’t have to be this way.

For over 55 years, Teen Challenge has been fighting addiction on the frontline, with over 1100 centers in 114 nations. Their programs change lives, with one of the highest addiction recovery success rates anywhere in the world.

SuperThrift got its start when a Teen Challenge center in Pensacola bought a thrift store and donated all proceeds from sales to support their students. This one store soon became seven as Teen Challenge centers across the southeastern United States replicated the model. Each year we continue to grow as we are on a mission to put hope within reach of every addict.

This is why SuperThrift is the best place to shop and donate your household goods. When you buy and give, you provide the additional support local Teen Challenge students need to complete their recovery program and find freedom from addiction.

Need Help?

Do you or someone you know need help? Click the link below to visit the Teen Challenge website. There you can find information on getting the help that you need.

Find Hope!